My name is Michael Coderre, I am the proud owner of a beautiful Golden Retriever named Daisy. She has enriched our lives in ways I never could have imagined with her unconditional love.

Daisy the Golden Retriever
Daisy The Golden

We lost our precious Daisy for 20 hrs. when she was only 8 months old, and got spooked by fireworks. It was a very traumatic experience for our family. The harness she had on was poor quality, and she ripped the attachment right off when she bolted in fear. We learned many lessons that day, and I promised I would do everything I could to keep Daisy healthy and safe.

I started this site to test, and review products, & services specific to Golden Retrievers so I could stay true to that promise. It is my hope that by sharing my findings, I might be able to save fellow Golden Retriever owners time, hassles and money. More importantly, I aim to find products that will prolong and enrich the life of my beautiful Golden Retireiver, and hopefully yours too.

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